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Unoccupied Property Insurance For Vacant Houses

If you are an owner of property that is currently empty you will realise that most conventional household insurance will not offer unoccupied property insurance. So what can you do to get a cheap empty house insurance for you vacant building?

Best Tips on Unoccupied Property Insurance

As an owner of an empty property you will want to ensure that it is protected against risks such as fire, storm damage, vandalism, theft and acts of god. There are certain things you can do to minimise some risks to protect your vacant property:

If the property does not have deadbolts and window locks fitted, try to get these security measures in place. Most insurers will usually insist on these before offering empty home insurance.
A working burglar alarm system is a great deterrent for would be thieves. Having an alarm system with infra-red sensors and glass breakage detectors are easy to install without having to cost a lot of money.
Probably the best security measure is giving your empty property the 'lived-in' look. Installing light timers, having curtains, perhaps getting your neighbour to park their car on your drive on occasions. Also remove the mail on a regular basis.
Also if you can visit the property on a daily basis or have the neighbour to check it on a regular basis will help in getting a better deal on your empty house insurance policy.

Tips on Cheap Unoccupied Property Insurance

I think you can assume that the cost of unoccupied property insurance will usually be higher than that of a standard home insurance. However you can reduce the cost of your vacant property insurance by:

Increasing the standard policy excess to a higher limit
Taking out the basic cover of fire, lightening, earthquake, explosion and aircraft (and objects dropped from an aircraft)
Comparing prices online with at least 3 different unoccupied property insurance companies. Rates can vary considerably from one insurer to the next.

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